About Joseph noSak MDiv

Joseph A. Nosak M.Div. served in the United States Navy Seabees.

Seabee motto: “The difficult we do at once, the impossible takes a little longer.”

He takes same motto and believes that it also applies to the process of “Coming Home” through the process of emotional healing, which is possible, at some level, for every single brother and sister in arms.


Nosak was deployed at the age of 55, by the Navy Reserve as a BU1(builder) to help build schools.

After returning from deployment, he admits, there was a part of him that did not re-engage with life.

This was further complicated by a toxic understanding of religion. Over time, he decided to take on a new hobby, wine making.

Somewhere along the way, his misunderstanding of religion was hindering his ability to “return home.” Through grace, he was able to change and the path home became much clearer.

The tools & stories on this site are experiential & anecdotal in nature it is his hope that they will hasten your progress.

40 Years of experience

Chaplain Nosak spent 40 years in the trade and knows how important it is to have the right tool for the job, perseverance, and working with intention.

These life lessons carry over into his current mission of helping military brothers and sisters, with the intention of coming home, in choosing the right tools, and focusing on the benefits of their time in service.

These tools are outlined both on this site and in his two books, such as:

    • Forgiveness
    • Releasing Personal Judgment
    • Friendship-Building
    • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

Through his and others military-life experiences, he provides a perspective, laser focused, in order to aid other veterans in their journey; helping them learn about finding their way home and then a life of purpose.

about Chaplain noSak’s certifications :

  • A.A. in Practical Theology, from Christ for the Nations
  • B.S. in Human Development from St. Gregory’s University
  • M.Div. in Military Chaplaincy from Regent University
  • Honorable DD-214 from the US Navy.

A Service Dog Isn’t The Only Help Out There

Joseph has been helping veterans for the past 25 years. From simple chaplain principles to teaching about full out Freedom Techniques courses and private consultation.

You Need A Chaplain


You Need A Chaplain

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