Welcome to the briefing room.


Gentleman, patriots and friends, welcome to this first briefing.

Hello, my name is Chaplain Joe.

I am here to get you home.

Prepare to live.

Warning letter: You will conduct patrols into the feelings, body, thoughts and
emotions. Prepare to stay as long as necessary in order to get completely home.

The word I am passing is about your intentions.

“The power of intention is at your disposal.

This is a necessary thing for every patrol into your feelings, body, beliefs, thoughts, and emotions.

Intention is activated by a strong internal willful choice. You will use it on every patrol.

Patrols are necessary to insure the safety of the mission. The mission is to return home and engage life. We must begin each patrol with the intention of gathering intelligence and then using this intelligence for our advantage.

Once intelligence is gathered we will define it using other tools. One of those tools only works when personal
judgment is released. This means we need to release ourselves, others, and military policy with the powerful tool of forgiveness.

Once resentment is out of the way we will be able to spot obvious and subversive activity and neutralize it. We will be using a special operative tool called EFT.

Once you master this tool you will be assigned a training slot that involves your buddies and other military personal.

God bless you and God bless America”

– Chaplain Joe.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a user friendly energy- focused psychology that helps with the release of emotional blockages that have caused discomfort and emotional pain. You will need this tool where subversive activity is suspected.

Let’s get some training.

Proceed to the next briefing for plans and a strategy.