Hello Patriots and thank you for working to find answers.

My name is Chaplain Joe. I’m here to get you home.

Listen up. I need you to decide to live.

This is a classified briefing and not for the general public. If you are in this room you will be accountable to use this information to help others.

I assume you were good soldiers and gathered enough Intel to make the best decision.

If you did not, kindly excuse yourself and go back to the first briefing.

I will remind you, there is an enemy called pain and it wants to steal ever part of your life. If you are serious about coming home then make this decision, “now.” I will perform the necessary patrols into my feelings, body, beliefs, and thoughts in order to neutralize the enemy of pain.”

Your buddies need you, so take charge, go back to the first briefing as necessary.

Ok, men, listen up, Chaplain Joe needs you to decide what to do with your Intel from war story patrols.

You need to decide what to do with this information.

Look at the SALUTE report and choose what to work on.

To help with making a decision we will go over DRAW-D.

  1. Defend
  2. Reinforce
  3. Attack
  4. Withdraw
  5. Delay

DRAW-D is the acronym used to assist the squad leader in determining the enemy’s capabilities and limitations. A feeling of pain indicates a known enemy is operating within a sector under your command. It then becomes necessary to define if it is time to Defend against any further pain, Reinforce current activity to limit pain. Attack forgiveness/EFT can yield instant benefits. Withdraw to gather intelligence and reinforcement, or Delay and do nothing.

Pain wants to steal your life. You will not sit passively by, forget military training and get over run.

Not on my watch.

You are the patrol leaders in your life. Defining what is stealing health is a big part of the mission.

Bravo, Zulu for coming this far.

Let us consider the course of action. It is always a good choice to defend against more pain.

Check to see if there are any requirements from the medic or Chaplain that can help.

Reinforce whatever is necessary to limit pain until the source can be eliminated.

Physical pain takes time to heal. Deep trauma may take time to release.

Attack, if you are strong enough. If you can define pain in feelings, then you are strong enough to release it.

Physical pain may require a trip to the doctor’s office as well as releasing any stress concerning a physical injury. Withdraw may be necessary. Prepare to win and make the necessary adjustments.

Delay may be necessary especially if you are on a combat mission or involved in providing for family. If it is denial then call it what it is.

If you found suspicious activity that is causing pain, delay may not be the best option.

Make a decision on the course of action and proceed to the next briefing.