Hello, men and women of honor.
My name is Chaplain Joe. I’m here to get you home. Prepare to live.

This briefing is classified yet your patrols are secret.

They are for your eyes only and should only be shared to help others and after they are processed, never to jeopardize your career.

The reason for this briefing is to inform you of critical systems at your disposal. We will refer to these critical systems as EFT. The purpose of this briefing is to pass on addition information that will be used on the escape route home.

If you are caught using this process we will back you up with clinical information.

You are not alone.

Safety issue: It is possible to remove some entrenched pain, based in the feelings or beliefs, which may require rest afterwards.

A good night’s sleep so the system can reboot may be sufficient.

It is possible to locate pain, based in the feelings, and then choose to do nothing. This is not advised.

Once pain is located immediate action should be taken in an effort to neutralize its effects.

Friendly forces nearby: It is good to establish a communication link with these friendlies.

Call your buddy during this process. A Chaplain may have additional Intel and support. Our man on the inside, Yeshua, stands ready to help. It may be necessary to stop, take several slow deep breaths, in order to tune into his frequency.

I assume you have made the decision to get out of your prison camp and return home. If you found people, places, and policies that tick you off, I applaud you. This means you had a normal military experience. Awareness is a powerful choice toward coming home.

Forgiveness is a key tool. If you found reason to choose to forgive and are holding out, now is the time to let it go. It may help to say, “I choose to forgive myself,” I choose to forgive others.” Be specific.

You will get greater results by specifically forgiving.

Forgiveness is quick acting; however, some things get entrenched and will require EFT. This is a tool that is used by Special Forces during debriefing. It is something that is user friendly and authorized for all personal.

It is V.A. approved.



For the sake of training we will use a cartoon of a sailor.


EFT Diagram


The dots on the sailor are called tapping points.

These points will be used to send electrical signals to the command center.

The command center is located in the brain bunker.

Tap on all the points located on the sailor so that you know where they are located.

Once the motor skills are mastered the next step is to determine we have a target. When the target is acquired there is a need to fire a round down range.

To fire a round there is a sequence that is followed.

Tapping also has a sequence for each round.


The first step is to define that we have a target.

What specific event, feeling, memory, fear, or pain are we targeting?

Pretend you are like a scanning machine at the airport and do a scan of your body and feelings to see where there might be a problem. Use what you learned from your SALUTE report to define the target. Make a choice based on DRAW-D to define a course of action.

Go back to the first briefing for more about S.A.L.U.T.E.

Once a target is acquired and defined, the decision needs to be made to engage.

See decision making briefing.

DRAW-D is defined as defend, reinforce, attack, withdraw, delay.

This briefing will be defining the decision to engage pain with EFT.

Attacking with the weapon system EFT starts by saying a true statement while tapping on the points located on the sailor.

We have already gone over the tapping points. Let’s add something that will get a little adrenaline going, a negative statement.

The negative statement involves saying something that is true to your life. It starts with the words, “even though,” and then the negative and then a positive statement like, “I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Here is an example of the full statement, “even though I feel stress after leaving the military and starting a new job, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Here is another example, “even though I have this constant pain in my lower back, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Another one, “even though chief/sergeant major/gunny pisses me off because he is a dickhead, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Make a statement that is true to you. “Even though I drank too much last night and now I feel guilty, I deeply and completely accept myself.” Start where you are and be real.

While saying a setup statement we will tap on the part of the hand where the magazine is located if you were holding a sidearm in a defensive position.

It is the meaty part between the little finger and wrist used when you hit someone with a karate chop. Not the side with the thumb.

Tap and say. “Even though I feel, I am, or I have this_________________ (insert level of distress gained from recon into feelings, pain, problem, event or memories), I deeply and completely accept myself.” This procedure is a proven formula and works even if you are not fully convinced.


Karate Chop Diagram

Tap three times on the karate chop part of the hand.

While tapping the remaining points all that is necessary to keep a laser on the target is to say part of the statement. Example for this statement would be, “this stress.”

The nine points:

  1. Eyebrow (EB) is inside of either eye socket, at the beginning of the eyebrow. Tap and say “This stress, this           stress.”
  2. Side Eye (SE) is the outer edge of either eye socket. “This stress, this stress.
  3. Under Eye (UE) is at the bottom of either eye socket. “This stress, this stress.”
  4. Under Nose (UN) is under the nose. “This stress, this stress.”
  5. Chin (CH) is the center of the chin. “This stress, this stress.” Take a deep breath and say “I can let some of it go.”
  6. Collarbone (CB) is on either side of the collarbone about two inches down from the collarbone. There may be a tender spot there. This is a good place to take a deep breath and let it out. Tap while saying, “This stress, this stress.”
  7. Under Nipple (UN), this is located about two to three inches down from the nipple. It is the bra line for females. “This stress, this stress.”
  8. Under Arm (UA) is located on the side, about a hand width down from the armpit. “This stress, this stress, I can let all of it go.”
  9. Top of Head (TH) is in the center at the top of the head. “This stress, this stress.”

Go back around as necessary.

After tapping, we will need another SALUTE report.

Look back at the level of the stress or pain that was observed before tapping and define if there is any left.

If it went down but can still be felt then tap again, but change the setup phrase to “even though there is some remaining stress I deeply and completely accept myself.” By adding words like, “some remaining,” “can still feel it” “still have some” of this pain to the setup phrase it makes it a real-time statement.

Every time you tap you take a step closer to home.

That’s all for now, go over your war story, find the hot spots and tap or the negative feelings of physical pain connected to those events.

Smoke ’em when you find ’em

Share what you learn with your buddy.

-Chaplain Joe